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See Haitian Families Thrive In Their Everyday Lives

Help Them Feed Themselves

What Is Help Them Feed Themselves?

Help them feed themselves was birthed from the saying, "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, give a man a fishing pole and teach him to fish and he will eat for life". Through this ministry our vision is to see Haitian families in the 5th section thrive in their everyday lives. We have provided a pump to pump out water from the river to irrigate the rice fields so they can plant and grow rice year round. We also disciple and teach the people who live in the villages with the goal of seeing their relationships with God strengthened. We know that walking in integrity in word and deed causes us to bear fruit in our lives and we want to see the 5th become a fruitful place.

Our Help Them Feed Themselves Team

Gesnick Metelia

Ingvild Snow

Jennifer Joseph

Hugueson Joseph (Kasa)

Marc Georges

Servius Sainthelmy (Chansley)

Remifa Edouard

Mendjina Toussaint

Fafane Perceval

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